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We wanted to let you know how pleased we were with our experience at Haven Spa Pool Hearth. We had done a lot of research before going into your store in Vancouver. Our first experience was with Dave. We had a list of questions.

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Create a Haven in Your Home with a new hot tub
or swimming pool from Haven Spa Pool & Hearth!

Everyone deserves the comfort and relaxation of a hot tub. The benefits of spa therapy will have an immediate impact on your health and well being leaving you wondering how you ever lived without one!

Haven Spa Pool & Hearth offers a variety of "Best in Class" products and services to fit the needs of every customer. Whether you desire a spa to warm & massage your body, a stove or fireplace to warm your home or perhaps you need some expert advice with the water chemistry in your pool. Our friendly staff is here to help Create a Haven in Your Home seven days a week.

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Special Events

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Come see us at the following summer events......

Clark County Fair August 7th - 16th Oregon State Fair August 28th - September 7th.
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Product Specials

Fire Up Your Winter Savings With These Fireplace & Stove Specials

Hot Tubs

The following spas are offered at prices below our normal special event pricing. These exceptional deals are only available on these 4 spa models....

Nordic D'Amore

Nordic D’Amore – includes cover, chemicals and delivery – both spas are Glacier White & Mahogany -2 only at $3795

Nordic Crown II

Nordic Crown II - this includes cover, chemicals & delivery – Starlight Blue / Mahogany -One only at $3895

Nordic Crown

Nordic Crown - this includes cover, chemicals and delivery – 1 Glacier White/Mahogany, 1 Starlight Blue/Charcoal - Twoonly at $3895

Artesian Spas 627C

Artesian 627C - this includes cover, chemicals and delivery – 1 with Malibu Surf/Grey, 1 withStormCloud/Black, 1 with Sierra/Java - Three only at $3995


Visscher 11 x 11 Milano

Love your backyard under the shade of Milano by Visscher. Full-length insect screens provide protection from bugs, and drapes allow you to vary your level of privacy. Solid SPF wood construction is a rich addition to your property. Go ahead and give the post a shake - this is a sturdy structure! One only at $2995 (a savings of $800)

Visscher 11 x 11 Jasper

The Jasper by Visscher is built with outdoor living in mind, combined with the protection of being fully-enclosed. Huge windows let the breeze in, and screens keep the bugs out. This model has lots of features with a mid-size footprint that suits almost any yard. With the vinyl window kit add-on, you can manage your climate, no matter what it's like outside. Add a bay kit and watch your living area grow! One only at $3995 (a savings of $1300)

Summer Breeze Pools

Just add water & fun! Go from box to backyard oasis in under an hour!

Summer Breeze Includes:

Skimmer, Skimmer Basket, Return Line, Underwater Patch Kit, Two Winterizing Plugs andTwo Wall Fittings

Summer Breeze Features:

2” Galvanized Steel Framework 52″ Wall Height 35 Mil Poly Fabric Reinforced Liner 20 x 20 Scrim Polyester Fabric Core Skimmer & Return Line Two Wall Fittings Assembly Instructions 10 Year Limited Warranty EZ Do It Yourself Assembly

Special "pool only" pricing on the following sizes.....

14 x 26 x 52 - $2495 (1 only)

16 x 52 Round - $1395 (1 only)

Quik-Swim Pools

Go from box to backyard in under an hour!

Quik Swim Includes:

Skimmer, Skimmer Basket, Return Line, Underwater Patch Kit, Two Winterizing Plugs andTwo Wall Fittings

Quik Swim Features:

1-1/2” Galvanized Steel Framework 48″ Wall Height 27 Mil Poly Fabric Reinforced Liner 20 x 20 Scrim Polyester Fabric Core Skimmer & Return Line Two Wall Fittings Assembly Instructions 5 Year Limited Warranty EZ Do It Yourself Assembly

Special "pool only" pricing on the following sizes.....

14 x 22 x 48 - $1795 (3 only)

14 X 25 X 48 - $1995 (2 only)

Coast Spas have a patented vanishing edge design that allows bathers to look out at an unobstructed view, beginning at your spas waterline. It also affords a self-leveling waterline so every seat has the perfect depth no matter how many people are in your spa. Superior filtration with Coast’s Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System means captured contaminants will not reenter the spa water when changing the filter or when pumps are deactivated. No other spa in the world has all this!

The LA SPAS MAUI - This spa offers something for everyone.Relax and let the crystal clear water created by Aqua Klean® filtration rejuvenate your body and mind. For unmatched quality, beauty and reliability, come in andsee what makes it an exceptional spa experience!THISONE ONLY at $5295

Primo Kamado Ceramic Grill

When it's all about the food...it has to be Primo.In Italian, "Primo" means the best. We chose that name because a Primo Ceramic Grill offers the "best of the best" when it comes to outdoor cooking. The shell and internal components of a Primo Ceramic Grill act like an insulator, holding in the heat and natural moisture of foods. It creates food that is incredibly juicy. We call our grills a "grill", but they are much more than that. Actually, they are a multi-purpose outdoor cooker. Grill, bake, roast, or smoke any food. In reality, a Primo Grill is a grill, an oven, and a smoker all rolled into one "grill". Complete grill packages starting at $921, Primo has the grill to fit any budget!

Vischer Canterbury Gazebo

This 9 x 9 gazebo offers privacy, protection, and somewhere to rest your favorite refreshment - what more could you want while relaxing in your spa? It's louvered on two sides for protection from the wind, open at the front and has a bar with stools on the remaining side. The louvered windows close for windy days, making it an all season structure. Save hundreds of dollars and grab this one only gazebo for$3895

Haven is offering outstanding SAVINGS on the following stoves.

Pacific Energy G958

This is the Burn model in our Clackamas store location. This is a beautiful stove. Retails for $3699. Now offered at our dealer cost of $2500

Direct Vent Technology
SIT Pro Flame 2 valve
Full Flames
Ground Level Heat Output
High-efficiency Heat Exchanger with Aluminum Fins
Integrated Micro-Mesh Safety Screen

Breckwell SP23

Casual elegance in a resourceful package - this is the SP23 Sonora pellet stove. With all the features needed to impress the most discriminating buyer, the Sonora is small enough to fit most any room in the home, yet powerful enough to provide whole-home hearth-centered warmth. This stove comes with a gold trim door. Save $700. This one only stove priced at $1595

Napoleon NPS 45 Pellet Insert

A renewable energy source, environmentally friendly, economical, convenient… these are just some of thereasons a Napoleon® pellet stove is the perfect solution to heat your home. This insert isEPA exempt, offers convenient top loading for easy fueling, has an automatic ignition, a stove hopper pellet capacity of 55 lbs, with a variable speed auger and variable speed blower for maximum comfort and control. Save over $900. This one only at $1995

Pacific Energy True North

An economical powerhouse, the TrueNorth series of woodstoves is designed with the serious wood stove burner in mind. Straight in loading and dependable operation are just two of this stove’s many outstanding features. Regular price $1095 Sales price $850 on stock # 12676 and #12685

Breckwell P22 Freestanding

The P22 Maverick pellet stove is a low maintenance, environmentally friendly product that packs a lot of efficiency into a smaller unit. The simple designand durable construction make this unit one of our most popular. Regular price $2295 Sales price $1995 on stock #12843

Pacific Energy T6 Freestanding

By wrapping cast-iron around a high performance steel firebox, the Alderlea T6 is crafted to heat your whole home in the dead of winter. (image shown is T5. Larger firebox is also available) Regular price $2900 Sales price $2465in stock #440500

Save BIG with Energy Rebates, Tax Credits and Instant Savings on Top Brands of Fireplaces and Stoves and Northwest Natural Gas!

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Haven Blog

Is your backyard ready for Spring?

With the unseasonably warm weather we’re having right now (yeah!), it’s never too early to get your backyard ready for the upcoming spring season. Making early preparations can help put you ahead of the curve so you can have your most pleasurable spring and summer EVER!

Start by looking at the goals you have for your spring or summer yard. What do you want to achieve? How do you want it to look?If planning for new grass and flower beds is on your list, take a look at the necessary steps you’ll need to take. Whatever you wish to achieve with your yard for the forthcoming year, now is the time to break down tasks into manageable steps, and get them plugged into your calendar for the next few weekends.

Next, if your lawn is in need of some love, or maybe even a complete makeover, get in touch with your lawn care company to learn how they can help you build a beautiful yard based on your desires. By working together and talking about common goals, you’ll be able to create a better overall outcome.

Finally, take time to examine the efforts and time you’ll need to put in to maintain your yard. Start outlining ideas for overhead coverage, deck additions, a hot tub or pool, etc., then consider starting preliminary plans now. These types of tasks may not be checked off quite as quickly, but with spring just 25 days away, getting them in the books is one of the best ways to help you get started.

If a hot tub or pool is part of your backyard beautification plan, this is the time to look at your options. Contact Haven Spa Pool & Hearth – we’re here to help

How to love and care for your hot tub, and enjoy it for years to come....

L.A. Spas have a very high quality finish.Stains and dirt will generally not adhere to the surface.After draining the spa, wipe the surface with a soft damp cloth (or sponge) using household soap or liquid detergent.Stubborn dirt and stains maybe removed by using Spic & Span adequately dissolved in water.Be sure to rinse detergent well as this will cause suds when refilling the spa.
Due to the nature of a spa's environment, spa pillows are exposed to chemicals, which in turn can affect the pillow's useful life.To be extra careful, we encourage you to always remove the spa pillows when adding chemical treatments to your spa's water.The spa pillows can then be re-installed to the spa when the chemical level is at the recommended parts per million (PPM).For most spas, this is between 3-5 PPM.

Furthermore, spa pillows should be cleaned regularly.To do this, remove the pillows from your spa, and then wipe the pillows with a soft damp cloth using mild dish washing soap and warm water.Rinse off the excess soapy water, and then simply re-install the pillows onto your spa.

Your optional ThermoPlus or ThermoGuard cabinet requires little or no maintenance of any kind.To clean, simply wipe cabinet with a clean towel and mild detergent soap solution.

CAUTION – Do not use any cleaning products containing abrasives or solvents.Do not stain, paint or otherwise cover the cabinet with any substance since these can and will damage the ultraviolet clear coat used on the surface of the ThermoPlus or ThermoGuard spa skirt and void your warranty.

Your spa is equipped with a specially designed Aqua Klean® filter system.Filtering the water helps maintain water cleanliness and clarity.While the filter traps most solid materials, it is still necessary to add a sanitizer such as bromine or chlorine to the water in order to control bacteria, algae, and to oxidize any organic materials in the water.

We recommend that you purchase your chemicals from your authorized L.A. Spas dealer.The dealer can also advise you on alternative methods for water sanitation.Use of the wrong chemicals can be dangerous and may void the warranty on your spa.

It is recommended that you test your spa water regularly with an accurate test kit or test strip.These are available from your local authorized L.A. Spas dealer.Be sure to follow the chemical manufacturer's instructions for chemical use.Maintaining proper water chemistry is imperative to maintaining safe water and preventing possible damage to your spa and spa components.

If you prefer, bring your water sample into one of our three convenient Haven locations and we'll take the guess work out of it for you!

Happy Hot Tubbing!!!