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We wanted to let you know how pleased we were with our experience at Haven Spa Pool Hearth. We had done a lot of research before going into your store in Vancouver. Our first experience was with Dave. We had a list of questions.

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Swim Spa

Swim Spa Portland Oregon (Sales & Service)
Haven offers the "Best in Class" Swim Spas from Coast Spas and LA Spas and we have models running at our stores inviting you to come in for a test swim! Our swim spas incorporate the highest quality and most reliable manufacturing methods including seven layers of fiberglass-backed acrylic shell with steel reinforcement in crucial stress points. This method enables a Lifetime Shell Warranty as compared to 10 or even 5 years from other brands.
Three "River Jets" and four "Leveler Jets" powered by four pumps enable the swimmer to adjust the current flow from low - for aquatic exercise - up to a high strength for a vigorous swim, all while keeping you buoyant on top of the water.
A Swim Spa is a big investment. Make sure yours is protected by a local company with almost 40 years of service and manufacturers with equal longevity in the industry. The InFit by LA Spas The Wellness II by Coast Spas